Words of Worth

Words of Worth

Courtesy of http://www.at-tazkiyah.com

A collection of short sayings of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah.

1. Any good that exists in the heart will make its effect apparent, just as a bottle of musk emits its fragrance.

2. Whenever doing anything – good or bad – think to yourself that it may be your last action.

3. It is not possible to aim without a target, so make Allah your target and then aim.

4. Never delay in securing du’as from three people – your parents, your shaykh and your teachers.

5. Deen is not about doing things to please yourself; Deen is about pleasing Allah swt.

6. Every human being is born with a sound nature, through which he/she may understand the beauty of Islam, however, two things are barriers from this: heedlessness and stubbornness.

7. Detaching yourself from the love of the world will attach yourself to the love of Allah swt.

8. The secret to strengthening your connection with Allah swt is to suppress your base desires.

9. Allah swt puts humans through trials to wake them up from their slumber, so that they may mend their ways.

10. Only someone with a health heart will be able to utter the Kalimah at the time of death.

11. When a good thought comes to mind, act upon it, as it is from Allāh swt.

12. Not all those who are well known are accepted in the eyes of Allah, and not all those who are accepted in the eyes of Allah are well known.

13. A person connected to Allah reaches those conclusions that intellectuals fail to reach.

14. The sign of success in any Deeni program is not the number of people who attend, but the number of people whose hearts are affected.

15. Three things need to be observed before speaking to anyone: the persons temperament, religious condition and the environment he lives in.

16. It is rare to find a person who is pious and unintelligent, but people who are non pious and unintelligent are common.

17. For a religious person to feel he has no need to sit in the company of the ‘Ulamaa is a sign that he is not really religious.

18. Allaah has made certain things obligatory. He first gave humans the ability to carry them out, and them ordered them to do them, if it wasn’t possible to do them, He would not have made them obligatory.

19. The only path to Tazkiyah (self recitification) is mujaahadah (striving); dhikr and the company of ones Shaykh assist in this.

20. Mujaahadah doesn’t mean to sleep on the floor when there is a bed to sleep on, nor does it mean to use cold water when warm water is available; mujaahadah is to compel the nafs to obey the command of Allah when it does not want to comply.

21. By committing a sin once, the urge to commit that son again will double.

22. Love for your Shaykh is necessary in order to benefit from him, and to create love two things are necessary: du’aa and contemplation over your Shaykhs good qualities.

23. My late father used to say: “If we benefit someone who is in the grave (by means of Isaal-al-thawaab) Allah will surely create someone who will benefit us when we are in our graves.”

24. When we see people in adversity we should learn to put ourselves in their shoes.

25. Make a firm resolution: “I may die, but I will never commit a sin.”

26. Hate the sickness in a person, not the sick person himself; hate the bad qualities in a person not the person himself.

27. To work hard in acquiring knowledge is in your control, but to preserve that knowledge is not. Allah looks at how hard you try and rewards you accordingly.

28. People say: “Being wealthy is not something bad! I want to be like Sulaymaan AS and Mu’aawiyah RA.” I say: “Yes, being wealthy is not bad if you are as pious as Sulaymaan AS and Mu’aawiyah RA.”

29. Islam teaches us to fulfil rights, not to demand rights.

30. Nobody is really free: either you are a slave of Allah or of your nafs.

31. When reading books or listening to lectures, make sure they are works of authentic, reliable and pious scholars, for reading people’s material or listening to their lectures in like sitting in their company.

32. In your concern for propagating the Deen and teaching others, you should not forget about yourself.

33. Teaching and propagating should not only take place in front of a microphone or in public view, it should be done at every moment of your life.

34. A sign that you are on the path to reaching Allah is that you feel a longing to talk to Allah.

35. A child naturally wants love and respect. If we do not give our children love and respect at home, they will go out looking elsewhere for it.

36. We should be paid to advertise and shouldn’t pay to advertise. Why waste money buying clothes just to advertise brands?

37. Don’t try to explore new routes to reach your destination; take the common route, as it is proven and reliable. With your aim being the pleasure of Allah, you should follow the way of our rightly guided pious predecessors.

38. Evil has a far greater effect than good, just a single drop of impurity spoils a whole container of water.

39. If the various forms of dhikr are likened to individual vitamins, the Quran can be said to be a multivitamin.

40. One trick of Shaytaan is to allow a person to perform a certain number of good deeds with continuity, so that he may feel he is very religious, while keeping him neglectful of many other commands of Sharee’ah.


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