3 Steps to Wilaayat

Courtesy of http://www.ashrafiya.com
3 Steps to Wilaayat

What is Wilaayat?

Wilaayat is the friendship of Allah. Every believer is the friend of Allah but the most pious and close friends of Allah are known as Awliyaah [Friends]. A Wali can be your local butcher, Imam, doctor, a widow, an orphan child, a king or his servant. But they all have this is common: They achieve this rank by gaining the M’arifat [true understanding] of Allah.

How does one gain this rank?

The first step is to adopt the Shariat. Shariat is the divine law; the outward laws of Islam.

Then one needs to adopt Tariqat. Tariqat is self-purification; the inward laws of Islam.

By adopting both, one reaches Haqiqat. Haqiqat is the understanding of reality.

This path can be understood by a metaphor:

Shariat is a boat and Tariqat is the sea. The boat alone will get nowhere without water. And without the boat, one will drown in the sea. By travelling on the sea whilst in the boat, one can reach the pearl at the bottom. This pearl is Haqiqat.

What is the destination?

This pearl of Haqiqat is the highest level of servanthood because it enables the understanding of Allah who is Al-Haqq [The Absolute Reality]. One finally achieves the M’arifat of Allah and enters into the door of Wilaayat. Beyond this door lies true contentment and success.

May Allah grant us all this. Aameen.



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