Ummah Welfare Trust –

In this day and age there are so many charity organisations and appeals, that many people donate their Zakaah, Lillaah, Sadaqah and other types of charity without fully checking the authenticity of the charity which they are giving their money to.

You must make sure that the charity, appeal or cause you are giving your money to is a reliable, trustworthy and authentic charity which conforms to the Shari’ah and its rulings.

Ummah Welfare Trust is one such charity. It was formed by Authentic and God fearing scholars in 2001, and has a 100% Donations Policy, whereby every single last penny that is given as charity is used for charity and not used for administration costs.

(UWT has a separate administrations costs account and donations can be made to this separately)

All brothers and sisters are urged to support, promote and donate to this charity.

Go on their website and look at the work they are doing, you will realise deep down that UWT is a beautiful and honest charity which we should all support.



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