The Perfection of the Inner and Outer Self

Many Muslims, whilst carrying out many faraaidh and waajibaat of Deen, become content, even though they are still carrying out many sins which they have become addicted to and cannot leave.

They will pray Salaah, they will go for Hajj, they will fast in Ramadhaan, however they will not stop backbiting, lying, watching films, mixing with non Mahram women

It is necessary to leave the bad as well as doing the good.

Many people do not worry about the diseases of the heart and ones spiritual condition while only fulfilling the outwardly “physical” aspects of Deen.

Many people will begin to think of themselves as a “good Muslim” just because they are apparently fulfilling the outward injunctions of Deen, however, in real fact they are suffering from pride and many other spiritual diseases.

Most of us will not be able to assess our inwards spiritual condition of the baatin, and so for this reason we must create a reformative relationship with the friends of Allaah, those people who have reformed themselves.

– Hadhrat e Aqdas Shaykh Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat حفظه الله



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