Pearls of Haqq Ummah Crisis Appeal

Pearls of Haqq have initiated an appeal with Ummah Welfare Trust to, Inshaa Allaah, raise emergency funds to help the Ummah and those suffering around the world.

As you all will be aware, Muslims all around the world are being persecuted.

They are being driven from their homes.

They are being discriminated against and attacked.

They are being tortured and murdered.

They are dying of hunger and cold.

Men. Women. Children. No-one is being spared.

It is our duty to help them as much as we can.

The work being done at Ummah Welfare Trust is truly inspiring and providing emergency aid and relief to those in need.

Ummah Welfare Trust is run by authentic and god-fearing scholars, who follow the way of our Pious Predecessors. Every single penny is accounted for with total transparency. They have a 100% Donations policy which means that every penny you donate goes to the cause you intend, nothing is deducted for administration costs.

Please donate generously to this appeal.

You can donate Zakaat, Lillaah or Sadaqah for this appeal.

The funds raised for this appeal will go to the “Most Needy” cause which Ummah Welfare Trust will decide according to the ever-changing situation in this temporary abode.

May Allaah ta’aalaa accept this effort from us all and grant us all ikhlaas.

If you have any queries, you can navigate to the “Contact Us” page to send us a message.


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