The Greatest Fitnah of this Era

“From my understanding, the greatest fitnah of this era is the mobile phone.

It is a Cold War against us. 

They give us free access to the net, wifi, whatsapp, social media etc. in the evenings and at nights.

This keeps our children distracted till late at night. They don’t learn anything in school nor in madrasa during the day. This keeps them illiterate. 

People use songs as ringtones and there is the sound of music around the Ka’ba. This is why it comes in a Hadeeth that the Ka’ba sometimes feels like bursting due to the sins which are committed in its vicinity.”

– Hadhrat Aqdas Shaykhul Hadeeth Mawlaanaa Sayfur Rahmaan Makkee حفظه الله

(Shaykhul Hadeeth, Madrasa Saulatiya, Makkah)
(Khaleefa Mujaaz e Bay’ah of Haafizul Hadeeth Hadhrat Aqdas Mawlaanaa ‘Abdullaah Darkhaasti رحمه الله)


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