– Pearls of Haqq: Seeking the Love and Pleasure of Allāh ﷻ.

– Islāmic Da’wah Organisation founded by academic and spiritual students of the blessed Elders of Deoband and Pious Predecessors of Islām and run under the guidance of senior ‘Ulamā and Mashāyikh of today.

– Some notable activities of Pearls of Haqq include:

  1. Organising programmes and gatherings in different localities for the Muslims to benefit from.
  2. Promoting and distributing authentic literature written by authentic and God-fearing ‘Ulamā.
  3. Recording and preserving the priceless words of our Akābir and Mashāyikh for the benefit of the Ummah and future generations.

May Allāh ﷻ accept the work of Pearls of Haqq, grant all involved true sincerity and make it a means of acquiring His Love and Pleasure.



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